SHENZHEN AFKMED CO,.LTD(AFKMED) was founded in 2018. Based on the big data of the medical supply chain,we provides an online and offline integrated service platform for various medical institutions, hospitals, specialist nursing, small and medium-sized distributors financing, and purchasing inventory around the world. Through the innovative Internet cross-border export business model, we are facing the global medical equipment market and carry out efficient market promotion.


AFKMED's business has reached Africa,Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, North America, Oceania, etc.We provides product solutions and technical support to customers in more than 100 countries and regions. In the face of the future, AFKMED is fulfilling the mission with full enthusiasm and realizing its corporate vision of "To become world's leading medical solution provider".

To make healthcare more accessible to everyone with strictly selected medical product from China

To become world's leading medical solution provider

Love and Faith

Perseverance and Courage

Concentration and Determination

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Global Branches

We have 10 branches around the world, and better serve our customers through our factories and more than 500 integrated partners. With professional experience in the field of medical technology and logistics, we have developed high-performance, reliable and flexible channels.

Professional Diagnostic Center

AFKMED is committed to providing better medical services to more people around the world through professional medical products and solutions, providing medical assistance across borders.


The purpose of the Diagnostic Center is to provide health testing services to individuals, families, communities and organizations with accurate diagnosis of various health conditions using our medical equipment and technical support.


Interpret and answer questions about the diagnostic report to the team or individual, and provide lectures on prevention and health knowledge about common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases; At the same time, it also provides effective medical consultation and close follow-up after examination, so as to achieve early diagnosis, early prevention and early treatment, so as to comprehensively improve the health quality of local people.

Strategic Partners

AFKMED adheres to the strategic idea of coordinated development of international cooperation, and actively cooperates with domestic and foreign enterprises, scientific research institutes and well-known experts, establishes a wide range of industrial alliances, cooperates and achieves fruitful technological and market results.

Core team

Supply Chain Director

Served as senior purchasing man ager at Foxconn and Skyworth,with rich supply chain management capabilities.

African Diagnostic Center Director

14 years of overseas work, many years of experience in overseas

organization creation and management,good at overseas government relationship development.


Serial entrepreneur,5 years of operation management experience in Africa.

A pioneer in China-Africa e-commerce, he has managed over a hundred overseas teams and has strong overseas localization capabilities.


A natural adventurer, known as the Queen of Africa.

Used to be the GM of Mindray's overseas branch and the manager of the Africa area of AEOMED.

With the mission of “To make healthcare more accessible to everyone with strictly selected medical product from China”,she founded AFKMED in 2018.

Sales Director

Over 10 years of overseas work experience, good at Internet operations and data analysis, and rich practical experience and successful cases in cross-border e-commerce market promotion and sales.

With both product thinking and market thinking,can grasp market trends and implement strategic planning quickly.

Technical Adviser

Administrative director of Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital, Director of the Office of the Dean of Southern Medical University Affiliated Hospital.

Served as Mindray R&D downstream project manager and marketing product manager.


HR Director

Work experience in Fortune 500 companies,good at high-tech enterprises,startup company organization and management reform.