Service Team

“To make healthcare more accessible to everyone with strictly selected medical product from China” is AFKMED’s mission. We believe that we can bring better healthcare for all only by providing safe and reliable medical devices for our customers.AFKMED keeps breaking the boundaries to innovation, offering an integrated service solution that meets the needs and expectations of our customers, and a proactive, professional service team. 

Service Solutions

With global service network,AFKMED provides comprehensive service solutions to our customers timely and efficiently, including customer service,technical support and training etc.

Customer Care

Post-sale service

We can support the global service inquiry by different counties,just call our hotline numbers for a direct line to our Customer Support Specialist.


Customer Experience Survey

We are always willing to hear voices from our customer experience towards products and services. Authorized Customer Service Specialist will carry out satisfaction survey to understand your experience for further improvement on products and services.

Technical Services

Technical Support

AFKMED provides technical support regarding application and breakdown calls to customers and distributors via phone, mail or by any means.


Field Service

AFKMED service representatives provide preventive maintenance,calibration, breakdown repair and other field services on request.

*Field service may be provided by authorized AFKMED service providers. The type of field services provided in different regions may vary according to local service providers.


For Customer

Our customer training is focused on helping you optimize performance and productivity. We will explain to you the basic technical knowledge related to our devices, so you can better operate and maintain your products to create the best experience for your patients.


For Distributor

Distributor teams can gain more expertise by joining our technology sessions and hands-on trainings, which covers the mastery of installment, maintenance, repairing and other skills related to our products.